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Young Minds Blaze Through Numbers at 16th SMA Abacus National Talent Contest in Kochi

Kochi erupted in applause as young prodigies Arjun S Nair and C R Bhadra emerged victorious at the 16th SMA Abacus National Talent Contest, showcasing mind-boggling mathematical feats that left audiences dazzled. Arjun, from MGM Central Public School, Thiruvananthapuram, dominated the junior category, while C R Bhadra, a student of Vidyadhiraja Vidya Bhavan Higher Secondary School, Aluva, reigned supreme in the senior category.

In the junior arena, Arjun S Nair's masterful display of abacus skills secured him the coveted first place. C R Dhananjayan followed closely behind, claiming second position, while Rasikh Roshan from Peace International School, Ernakulam, earned a proud third.

The senior category witnessed C R Bhadra's brilliance shine through, earning her the champion's title. Hrishikesh S R from St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum, secured a commendable second position, while Amod R from BPM Model School, Varkala, and Abhinav S from GHSS, Koduvayur, Palakkad, shared the third spot in a tie.

But the brilliance wasn't confined to the main competition. The High-Speed Abacus Oral Competition was another arena where C R Bhadra's prowess shone, securing hER the top spot. Madhav R Nath from Viswajyothi CMI Public School, Angamaly, demonstrated incredible speed, taking second place, while Aiswarya Ajith M from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, showcased remarkable talent, earning third position.

The excitement soared even higher with the graduation ceremony for 8th Level students. Young minds captivated the audience with captivating demonstrations of abacus magic, memory techniques, lightning-fast calendar memorization, and the exhilarating Abacus high-speed oral competition. Adding to the festivity was a thrilling Rubik's cube solving competition.

In a dazzling display, SMA students left the audience in awe with their astonishing feats. They exhibited lightning-fast calculations, surpassing even the speed of a calculator. During the memory techniques demo, Aavani Anoop from Rajagiri Amala CMI Public School in Vaikom, Kottayam, and Adwaith R from Vyasa Vidyalaya in Palachuvadu, Ernakulam, demonstrated their remarkable abilities by recalling 20 objects within a minute, leaving the audience astonished. Moreover, Bhadra A Nair from Viswabharathi Public School in Neyyattinkara and Zeba Riyas from Jai Rani SABS Public School in Balussery, Calicut, showcased their extraordinary skills by pinpointing the day of any date within a mind-boggling span of 600 years! N.B.Bahyasree from Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Vaduthala redefined multitasking, solving cube roots while serenading the crowd with violin magic. Truly, the students' exceptional talents were a testament to their dedication and prowess.

The event was graced by renowned Cine Director Kamal and Chief Guest Dr. Ramanavas, Director-Projects, KMRL. Kerala CBSE Management Association President T.P.M Ibrahim Khan presided over the ceremony, with SMA Abacus (India) Private Ltd Managing Director R.G. Suresh Babu also addressing the gathering.

Over 3000 students from SMA centers across India participated in this grand spectacle, transforming it into a truly remarkable and competitive event. The 16th SMA Abacus National Talent Contest wasn't just a competition; it was a celebration of brilliance, dedication, and the boundless potential of the human mind. It left a lasting impression on students, teachers, and spectators alike, proving that with the right tools and passion, young minds can achieve the seemingly impossible.

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