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SMA ABACUS is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified organization providing abacus training to students in the age group 4 to14 years. SMA ABACUS provides the best, result oriented, child friendly abacus training. It has set new standards of excellence in abacus and mental arithmetic education in India with its innovative methods of teaching.

The Institution maintains International standards and is managed by professionals of national and international recognition. Thousands of students have immensely benefited from our programs. Our unique well researched teaching methods and systems are designed to deliver the best results.

We are a growing company focused on quality education at affordable cost. We are committed to our franchisees and consider them as our partners in progress. We evaluate every aspect of franchisee operations and ensure that our partners get all support in promoting and developing into a successful teaching center. We want our franchisees to be successful along with us. We look forward to a long-term relationship which will be mutually beneficial.

SMA offers a fabulous opportunity to own an abacus franchisee center in your town


Do you love Kids? Have you got a passion to develop kids into perfect citizens of future? Do you want to own a satisfying business? Then you are eligible to be our franchisee.

We need people with love, zeal and desire to work on children for their all round development and take pride in being a part of molding a future generation.

The Faculty should be a graduate with excellent communication skills and brimming with ideas on development of newer tools & aids to impart education in clear, simple, and happy environment. An aptitude and skill-set to teach is an added advantage. The Faculty is expected to be pro-active and treat children with love and affection.


It is ideally suited for-

  • Play Schools and Pre Schools
  • Schools
  • Educated Housewives
  • School Teachers
  • Home tuition centers
  • Qualified Unemployed Persons
  • Part-time job seekers


Franchisee will be appointed at the city level. The number of franchisees in a city will depend on the population of the City, area of the city, and potential of the area

Get your Space

A room with 200-300 sq. ft. in area with student chairs and white/green board. The Franchisee has to purchase a Display Master Abacus from us.

Know your strength

Deep knowledge of your area of operation with good public contacts, willingness to do hard work for developing your business into a successful one, are essential.

You Do

Complete Management of your operations, Parent Counseling, Timely Fee Collection, Timely payment to the company for study materials on each level basis. Managing and Conducting Classes on scheduled levels, Publicity to create and promote your visibility in your area.

We Provide

Brand name, logo, course study materials, examination material and other feedback system are provided by us. Professional support in administrative, technical and marketing activities are also provided.

The Agreement

Initially, the franchisee right is issued for 5 years and an agreement to this effect will be executed. A franchisee can also become a Course Instructor and a separate agreement valid for 5 years will be executed for this. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement in case of violation of agreed terms.

Why this Business?

Gives you an opportunity to be a part in the development of our society and nation by creating an army of smart, efficient, responsive, and intelligent children in whose hands our future will be safe and successful. This will give you immense satisfaction apart from financial gains.


  • 1 or 2 Classrooms that can accommodate ​​​​​​​15 students each
  • A computer system with internet facility
  • Display Master Abacus


We provide Abacus Teacher Training either online or in class room

Types of Franchisees

We have 4 types of franchisees

  • SMA Abacus (7-14 years)
  • SMA Kids Abacus (7-14 years)
  • SMA Vedic Maths (12-18 years)
  • SMA Rubik’s Cube (4-14 years)

The franchise can be Country Franchise, State Franchise or Unit Franchise


The initial investment may vary as per the area/country chosen for setting up a franchise

Please refer the enquiry form for further details

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