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SMA Abacus Brain Development Programme provides a unique scientific training by adopting “Japanese Soroban Methodology” for children of the age group 4 - 14 to develop their brain and mental capabilities to its optimum level. After successfully completing the training they would be in a position to solve all arithmetic problems independently in mind.

The process in brief

The SMA Abacus Brain Development Programme trains children in the art of mental arithmetic using ABACUS as a tool for doing calculation. (Abacus is an instrument used in ancient china, to solve all arithmetic problems with in seconds) - Mental arithmetic is a process where pupils are able to visualize the “ABACUS” in their mind and carry out complex Mathematical problems including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

The Benefits of Abacus Learning

  • Better Grades In School
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Amazing Computational Ability
  • Discipline, Patience, and Mental Endurance
  • Develops Memory Power, Speed and Accuracy
  • Superior Concentration, Observation, and Listening Skills
  • All round Academic Proficiency

Our Specialities

  • Online exam for each level.
  • Lifelong online abacus practice.
  • SMA abacus Talent contest competition conducted every year
  • Memory tecniques
  • Calendar Memorising(400 yrs)
  • Mind Gym and Brain hunt Exercise

SMA program also enhances the child's visualization skill, creative thinking, and problem solving skills. Pupils with these skills have more success at work, and with the rest of their lives.

Abacus method helps the students for cross checking the answers obtained in normal methods. This greatly increases the accuracy and speed.

Competitive Exam skill - Too often the greatest challenge facing Competitive Exam takers is the timed nature of the exams. Even though the student knows the subject matter, they may not perform to their potential because of the pressures associated with running out of time..SMA Program helps to overcome this pressure.

With SMA Abacus Brain Power Development program you will develop tremendous math skills, a faster working brain, and a "Lifetime of Advantages".

Benefits to parents

  • Program is organized to help children develop their hidden mental power at an early age, it will help parents to recognize their child career prospectus.
  • Early inputs helps in making the child self sufficient and respon-sible.
  • SMA abacus Talent contest competition conducted every year
  • The same syllabus is followed all over the country and the transfer of student is possible from one center to another.
  • Our successful step-by-step gui-dance and motivational teaching method will effectively activate your children's latent mental power.
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