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Abacus is a ancient device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rods along which beads are moved to do arithmetic calculations like additions, subtraction, multiplication and division.

At SMA , Abacus is used as tool to teach children to do fast arithmetic calculations in mind with high speed and accuracy. It is also a brain power development program which helps the children to improve their intellectual abilities like memory power, concentration power, comprehension ability, Creativity , Intuition Power etc..

Mental Abacus method of calculation is the secret behind high speed mental calculation. It is performed on imaginary abacus formed in the mind and is based on principles of abacus calculation. Physical abacus is just a tool, through regular practice of which students are able to visualize the image of abacus in their mind. They are able to achieve high speed when they do calculation on this imaginary abacus.

It is based on Left and Right brain thinking and activating both sides of the brain. Physical Abacus trains students to use the left hemispheres (logical side) to manipulate the virtual abacus on the right hemispheres (creative side). This unique exercise fosters and strengthens the brain function in the areas of memory, concentration, creativity etc.. It helps in developing right brain tremendously and enhances problem solving capacity and leads to greater mental capacity. This way SMA Abacus training will help any child to retain knowledge better and become proficient in any subject, especially maths.

When the hands, both hemispheres of the brain, auditory nerves, and memory are in synch, the brain is at its best. Repeating something over and over solidifies brain cells and pathways. Brain plasticity proves that parts used are parts engaged and expanded.

As SMA abacus training synchronizes all of these traits, brain cells grow and areas expand.

Latest neuro-scientific research have positively confirmed the effectiveness of the abacus training. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1053811903000508

SMA follows result oriented and child friendly abacus syllabus with international quality standards. Our unique oral work sheet practice is helpful in enhancing the concentration and memory using multiple sensory approaches. Lifelong online abacus practice is SMA’s flagship service with which students can maintain the abacus skill sharp at all times

Yes. We do conduct abacus competitions regularly for our students. We conduct zone wise , state and national competitions. We do conduct online zone wise contest every year in month of November. The winners of zone wise are eligible to participate in state and national contests

No. Never it will clash. SMA Abacus training help the students to do calculation in normal method in a faster way and they are able to cross check the answer s with abacus method which ensure more accuracy and hence better grades in exams

We have attempted to answer the most commonly asked questions about SMA Abacus. However, we're sure you must have a few more we haven't covered, so please contact us and ask any question(s) you may have. Thank you for your interest!

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