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SMA Abacus Brain Development Programme provides a unique scientific training by adopting “Japanese Soroban Methodology” for children of the age group 4 - 14 to develop their brain and mental capabilities to its optimum level. After successfully completing the training they would be in a position to solve all arithmetic problems independently in mind.

SMA program also enhances the child's visualization skill, creative thinking, and problem solving skills. Pupils with these skills have more success at work, and with the rest of their lives. Abacus method helps the students for cross checking the answers obtained in normal methods. This greatly increases the accuracy and speed.

SMA Vedic Maths helps students to solve mathematical numerical calculations in a faster way. Using SMA Vedic Maths tricks you can do calculations 10-15 times faster than usual methods.

Solving Rubik's cube stimulates your brain enhances your thinking and analytical power, improve your concentration and focus. Learn to solve this ultimate brainteaser at SMA

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