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International Olympiad Unveiling SMA Champions: Where Excellence Knows No Borders!


Dear Franchisee Associates,

SMA Abacus is excited to announce the upcoming SMA INTERNATIONAL ABACUS OLYMPIAD (SIAO) 2024!


SIAO is a prestigious online Abacus Exam held for SMA Abacus students on an international level. It encourages participation from students of all levels and aims to foster a competitive mindset while allowing them to assess their skills, speed, and accuracy in abacus math calculations among their peers.

Objective of SIAO:

To Enhance calculation speed, accuracy, and abacus skills of the students.
To Provide an opportunity for students to develop a competitive mindset and experience the time pressure of higher education competitive exams on a national and international level.

Who can participate?

SMA Abacus students who have completed at least one level.
Previously completed students of SMA Abacus.

How is SIAO conducted?

SIAO is conducted online and consists of two rounds. The first round will be held in the online presence of SMA Abacus Center Teacher, while the final round will be conducted with the selected students and SMA Abacus corporate office officials. Participants will need two devices (either a smartphone or laptop/PC with a webcam and good internet connectivity) for the exam. One device will be used for writing the exam, while the other device will be positioned to show the student and the abacus in the video.

Time duration of SIAO:

The exam duration will be half of the real exam, and the number of questions will be infinite. There will be negative marking for wrong answers. Selection for the final round from the first round will be done based on age/standard-wise levels.

For registrations please contact your teacher incharge                                                                   

Last date to register: 14th June 2024  Please ensure to register before the last date.                                                                                                                                                                       

Date of SIAO:

First round: 19th June 2024 to 1st  July 2024
Result of the first round will be declared on 6th July 2024
Final round: 19th July 2024 onwards

How will prizes be awarded?

We are pleased to announce that E-Certificates will be awarded to all participants of the first round.
Participants who are selected for and participate in the final round will be presented with a hard copy certificate. Medals will be bestowed upon the participants who achieve the top ranks in the competition. 
We are delighted to inform you that the trial exam for SIAO can be accessed from the student login. To participate, the student's completed level must be updated by the teacher.

We encourage all SMA Abacus students to take the trial exam for SIAO, prepare for the big event, and register before the last date.

For any clarifications, please contact +91 9847522977 or +91 9847033977.

Best Regards,

Suresh Babu. R.G

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