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  • Phone : +91 (484) 4046061

Abacus @ School

Considering the growing demand for Abacus education in the schools, SMA has developed a unique plan suitable for Schools. SMA Abacus is conducting Abacus classes at various schools across India.

Our authorized Course Instructor will coordinate with the schools to work out this plan. The Schools can choose the program depending on their requirement and the same will be implemented by SMA Abacus. Schools can fix and collect the tuition fee for abacus from students. Tuition fee for the Course Instructor can be discussed and fixed on mutually agreeable terms based on number of students enrolling for the abacus program. Study material charges (including the online practice) payable to the company would be Rs.450/- per student per level /academic year (This scheme works on bulk students’ enrollment basis and if the number students enrolled is less fee/charges will vary)

Let us join hands in this mission of SMA which is committed towards creating an empowered generation

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