Be a Franchisee of SMA Abacus

Be your own Bose

SMA offers a fabulous opportunity to own an abacus franchisee center in your town

Franchisee will be appointed at the city level. The number of franchisees in a city will depend on the following:
Population of the City, Area of the city, Potential of the area

 200-300 sq. ft. area class room with student chairs and white/green board. The Franchisee has to purchase a Display Master Abacus valued at Rs. 3,000/-.

Knowledge of your city, Good Networking and Public Interface, Hardworking and an Interest to Develop Business.

Complete area operation management, Parent Counseling, Timely Fee Collection, Timely payment to the company for study materials on each level basis. Managing and Conducting  Classes on scheduled levels, Creating Awareness in your Area

Brand name, logo, course study  materials, examination material and other feedback system. Professional support  in administrative, technical and marketing activities are also provided.

The franchisee right is for 5 years  and an agreement to this effect will  be executed. A franchisee can also  become a Course Instructor and  an agreement to this effect will be  executed separately by us, which  is valid for five years. The Faculty  should preferably be a graduate with good communication skills. An aptitude to teach the students is an added advantage.  The    Faculty has to be pro-active and with love for children so as to develop them into tomorrow’s valuable citizens.

Franchisee/Course Instructor Fee details

Franchisee / Course Instructor Training Fee :Rs.12,000/-

Franchisee Fee for SMA Kids abacus : Rs 12,000/-

Franchisee Fee for SMA Vedic maths : Rs 12,000/-

Franchisee Fee for Rubik's Cube : Rs 5,000/-

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